LucieG Christmas in July 2022 Challenge

Hi everyone!

Once again, I LOVED devoting a whole month to Christmas cards, although at times it was difficult to craft as I was doing a lot of house projects as well this month.

Like previous years, I generally ‘shopped my stash’ to create my cards – I did buy a few new bits, but not much at all really, which was quite odd for me as I noticed more Christmas in July releases this year.

It was still fun to create festive cards for challenges which were not focussed on Christmas-themed cards, but at times I felt stumped by the challenges and then just created a Christmas card just for the joy of it. And that was super fun!

Thanks to everyone who followed along and shared kind comments with me – I really appreciate all of you!

Have a great day!


PS I just read my wrap-up post from a year ago. I was traumatised by losing a tiny little pine cone stamp! Who would have thought that it would be missing for almost an entire year before it finally resurfaced in early June! I never gave up looking for it and then it suddenly turned up in my adhesives drawer!

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