LucieG Christmas in July 2020 Challenge

Hi everyone!

Last November, life got super busy for me and I was so grateful that I had devoted July 2019 to Christmas cardmaking! It meant I had enough handmade cards to send out to friends and family! I couldn’t wait to do the same this year!

Once again, I LOVED devoting a whole month to Christmas cards and I’m not ready to move on from making Christmas cards now! I have some really lovely festive supplies and I’ll definitely be creating more Christmas cards on and off during August.

Like last year, I generally ‘shopped my stash’ to create my cards and didn’t have the ‘distraction’ of new stuff! I truly feel that sometimes ‘fast craft fashion’ means so many items don’t get the ‘air time’ they merit – most brands don’t have their festive releases ready for Christmas in July which makes it easy to devote crafty time to existing supplies!

It was also fun to create festive cards for challenges which were not focussed on Christmas-themed cards! I ended up with cards using non-traditional colours – some challenges really stretched my creativity!

Thanks to everyone who followed along and shared kind comments with me – I really appreciate all of you!

Have a great day!


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