LucieG Wood Stamp Challenge Part 2

38 wood-mounted stamps

15 general cards

15 Christmas cards

30 days of colouring

12 brands

1 happy stamper


Hi everyone!

When Kathy Racoosin announced her latest Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge, I decided that I would play along with my own challenge again. Last time, I challenged myself  to only use my wood-mounted stamps, and you can read my thoughts about that here.

I had been wanting to do Christmas in July for a while and decided that I would only use wood-mounted stamps again, but as the challenge crossed into July, that gave me the opportunity to use my Christmas stamps, which have been most neglected!

I was really looking forward to the challenge, but my biggest mistake was that I didn’t come back and read my post from the last challenge! I didn’t build in any time for creating cards with different techniques, especially die cutting, and I started to get a bit bored with finding images to colour everyday. Plus a lot of my Christmas stamps are solid images which don’t need to be coloured, so although I really wanted to use them, I couldn’t because I wanted to complete the colouring challenge.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 30 day challenge and all my thoughts still remain the same. Focussing on my own challenge with existing supplies made me very happy! I am much more confident with my wood stamps now and my storage system means that I can choose and pull out one I want to use very quickly, far quicker than choosing a clear stamp actually (I need to get back to adding my stamps to Evernote).

However, I HOPE I remember to read these wrap-up post next time a colouring challenge comes around, as my advice to my future self remains the same – build in ‘rest days’ for other techniques, especially die cutting!

Thanks to everyone who followed along and shared kind comments with me – I really appreciate all of you!

Have a great day!


PS After this, I went on a die-cutting frenzy! Expect to see a LOT of die-cut cards in the next week!

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